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episode 026 forgotten

“Only the dead may visit the dead.”

Princess Kirti and the Oorn discover a ruinous city where the stars have descended from the sky.


Kirti enters an unfinished tomb, believing the sorcerer Mtilan to be inside, deep in Otice.

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episode 033

fire on the mound       william j. meyer


episode 027 tomb

“I am seeking perfection, Gaewyn.”

Princess Kirti battles Mtilan in the tomb of Soterios.


Kirti meets Pekra and offers him the chance to serve.


Pekra awakens a mysterious, comatose figure inside the tomb.

episode 028 undying

“Maybe night is the same as day, on the edge of the world.”

Soterios the Undying agrees to lead Lady Thao and her group to the Mound.


Pekra succumbs to an Otice spell and attacks his friends, running off into the tundra where he is swarmed by ravenous underwater creatures.

episode 029 promises

“A pathway of ash will take us through Ura’s veil, and then — the crater of the world, with the Mound rising in its center.”

The mortally wounded Soterios reveals a great secret.


The Nezân fight against the mase to rescue Pekra and are separated from Lely and Evrem.


Lost in the tundra, Pekra is besieged by an Otice curse.

episode 030 anguish

“Whether age or evil mischief — it is the same to these tired bones.”

Pekra tells Thao they should pray for Legion, but Thao thinks such clemency is madness.


In the ancient past, King Baalath confronts the Unborn King in the tower of Hirambim.


Pekra and the Nezân enter the Valley of Sorrow.

episode 031 ash

“Even now Mtilan prompts us — with a tug on some unseen leash.”

Pekra and the Nezân follow ash through the Valley of Sorrow.


Sometime before, Prince Dúme and Captain Belesys secretly follow Mtilan and infiltrate his hidden lair.

episode 032 forge

“Lord Mtilan asked for one — but it seems I have given him two.”

Sometime ago, Prince Dúme and Captain Belesys investigate the forge of Mtilan and uncover his duplicitous covenant with their enemy.


Longing for the Mound’s perceived power, Lady Thao becomes suspicious of Pekra’s intentions.

episode 033 all-times

“The lies of Mtilan have seeped into his blood.”

Memories of the past and visions of the future assail Pekra and the Nezân.


Lady Thao separates the company into two groups, telling Iskinder and Eamund they are the only ones she trusts.


Pekra, Rashidi, and Dalila fall into a nest of tyrn and fight for their lives.

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episode 026

episode 042

episode 034 spectre

“You will soon have more soldiers to mend than your unskilled years can possibly bear.”

A battle-worn Kirti and the dwindling Oorn confront their enemy within sight of the Mound.


Prince Dúme prepares to wipe out the remainder of Viceroy Goundry’s Nezân.


Pekra urges King Kriah to aid Kirti in her battle with Mtilan, but Kriah has other plans.

episode 035 madness

“Thao could already have gone the Way Everlasting, and her body just doesn’t know it.”

Pekra makes his away across the battlefield toward the Mound and reunites with Fool.


Rashidi learns of Evrem’s true allegiance and feigns agreement.


Fool leads Pekra and Kirti into a secret passage and up a hidden stair inside the Mound.

episode 036 killing

“Blan tu ekay!”

Binding bands are discarded as King Kriah unleashes the dormant Rtari.


Battle between Humân, Gaewyn, and Nezân consumes the crater.


Fool demands that Pekra use the crystal shard to open a large clockwork door which leads outside to the cottonwood.

episode 037 burdens

“Whose slave will you be? Choose your master: life or death.”

King Kriah and Prince Dúme battle across the flower field.


Dúme threatens Lady Thao as she lies wounded from a Nezân attack.


Fool, Kirti, and Pekra meet the cottonwood as Dúme orders Galleon to kill Calais.


Galleon recalls the death of his wife.

episode 038 obsession

“I have caught the fever of desire. And for our enemy's son.”

In the ancient past, King Baalath conquers the Unborn King, but the resulting revelation fills him with despair.


Princess Kirti finally bids farewell to Prince Sújin.


King Kriah discovers how his daughter betrayed their people.

episode 039 legion

“I will carry you all the way to the Green Mountain. And then to the sun, if need be.”

Fool asks Pekra for forgiveness one last time.


Mtilan summons his army down into the crater.


Legion surrounds the cottonwood.

episode 040 fire

“I decide the design of fate itself. I am the Unborn King, and my master is death!”

Those assembled atop the Mound doubt the reality of the cottonwood tree.


Pekra fulfills the prophecy of the seven tongues of fire.


Legion and Mtilan battle beneath the Mound.

episode 041 hope

“You would have been a fine Pilot one day. Once the fresh water had been wrung from your sails.”

The destiny of Baalath Salathiel is revealed.


Dalila recommends building a temple on top of the Mound.


Pekra decides the fate of the cottonwood.

episode 042 stranger

“Fa-Pekra. What say you? Death for Prince Dúme?”

Kriah promises a new era of friendship between the Rtari of the Green Mountain and the Gaewyn of the Southernwood.


Lady Thao invites Pekra to stay in Perew.


Pekra discovers a stranger reflected in the water of the river Kade.


The final episode.


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episode 033