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episode 003 everlasting

“Tomorrow he will be here at this table, and he will hand me my bowl. Tomorrow will be the same as today. He will hand me my bowl."

During the second war against Legion, Fa-Sekra befriends an Adekos, a knight of no worth, who gives him a mysterious crystal shard for safekeeping.


Prince Sújin and Prince Dúme prepare for the ritual First Hunt before Sújin’s historic wedding to the Rtari Princess Kirti.

episode 004 princess

“Oh, it has nothing to do with the struggle for life. It is already dead. The heart knows it. The body knows it. The mind is ignorant."

Dúme and Sújin go hunting.


Princess Kirti arrives at the citadel, the first Gaewyn promised to marry a Humân.


Each side is unaware of the other’s hidden agenda.

episode 005 assassins

“Tell the King, the eastern guard has returned. Our restless foe Legion is on the move.”

Assassins are revealed on both sides, Humân and Gaewyn alike, as forces conspire to prevent the wedding of Prince Sújin and Princess Kirti.


Micah and Moroth meet the Rtari insurrectionist Tghon in a hilltop prison.

episode 006 slavayeth

“I do not have the lash with me, but if I need to discipline you, do not think I can’t improvise.”

Imprisoned, Micah and Moroth continue to learn about the deer-like Gaewyn as they witness the cruelty of Captain Belesys.


In the ancient past, Prince Baalath and his wife Princess Sarai set out across the Eloth wastes to establish their own kingdom.


The Adekos that poisoned Fa-Sekra arrives in Pekra's village during Fa-Sekra’s funeral.

episode 007 war

“The story is true. And Legion knows. He knows where to find the Mound.”

During dinner with Resa and her children, Mushin relates the Battle of Windgate, where Legion and Mtilan fought Prince Sújin and his men.


Lely requests honeycrackers.


Fool asks Pekra for forgiveness.

episode 008 poison

“He has no power apart from what we grant him. And I for one bestow nothing upon that itinerant phantom.”

Resa gives her son Pekra one more day before he must replace his deceased father as Fa of their village.


Prince Sújin sets out to meet Legion at Windgate.


Prince Dúme sets in motion his plan for domination.

episode 009 labasu

“The shard for your sister, Gaewyn boy. It is a fair bargain.”

Dúme and Belesys conspire.


The Labasu, a clockwork demon, attacks Resa’s home in search of the crystal shard.


Mushin kidnaps Pekra to take him to Perew, city of the Nezân.

episode 010 volitation

“Our enemy awaits, somewhere over the horizon — in the land of dream.”

The insurrectionist Tghon roots out Micah and Moroth’s allegiances.


King Kriah discovers a betrayer in his midst as the burial of his daughter, Princess Kirti, does not go as planned.

episode 011 remnant

“You do not know me, though you should see through this form of smoke and mist. Too much you trust to your eyes alone.”

Micah and Moroth salvage the remnant of Zaanan from the ship’s wreckage on the shore of Naosaleyn.


In the ancient past, an aged herald warns Baalath and Sarai that the Forlorn of Eloth are gathering under the banner of Legion.

episode 012 painters

“You are my enemy. At my next opportunity I, or one in my service, will kill you. Kill you! I swear it!”

Princess Kirti finds Mtilan’s sword Shedu embedded in the chest of Prince Sújin.


Legion orders his apprentice Mtilan to locate and kill Soterios, another of the Sefirot.


Mtilan scours the dead to build an army of lost souls.

episode 013 murder

“The wedge between father and son will be our language, and that will be enough to amuse me. Yes, perhaps they each will be ordered to kill the other someday.”

Prince Dúme offers Micah a stay of execution in exchange for the murder of Tghon.

episode 014 taboo

“Can not eat speaking ones.”

A dangerous snowstorm traps Princess Kirti on the Kui mountain range, where she is quickly surrounded by the threatening Oorn.


Pekra and Lely convalesce along the bank of the river Kade, and Pekra tells the story of why Fa-Sekra gave him the mysterious crystal shard.

episode 015 myth

“But surely, this love is not for the Broken Circle. Can’t love him and kill him. Can’t kill and love. You don’t kill what you love.”

Pekra and Lely fight Fool along the river Kade.


Moroth confronts Zaanan’s cook and learns about the religion of the pariahs.


Somewhere in the Kui mountains, Prince Dúme bows to another.

episode 016 sacrifice

“Swear allegiance to my sword. Swear it now! Or you shall indeed taste an early doom!”

On their way to the Nezân city of Perew, Pekra, Lely, and Fool discover the escaped Calais.


Dúme’s men battle Mtilan and his Labasu.


The Oorn plead with Princess Kirti to save their dwindling numbers as she makes a startling discovery about the means of her survival.

episode 017 fallen

“With this blade, I will smite my father’s enemies, be they Unborn or no.”

The Oorn swear their allegiance to Princess Kirti.


In the ancient past, the Sons of Salathiel seek to forge weapons from the fallen star Triabsal.


Fool and the children are attacked by bandits on the river Kade.

episode 018 afflicted

“I will pass the Way Everlasting when Mtilan is impaled on my dull blade.”

The Nezân appear on the river Kade, and Pekra wonders as friend or foe.


As the Oorn suffer their first casualty, they debate if killing Princess Kirti’s duende would indeed satiate her thirst for vengeance.

episode 019 engine

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

Pekra, Lely, and Calais marvel at the machinery of the city of Perew.


Fool wonders what colossal project the Nezân are building.


Princess Kirti and the Oorn battle Mtilan and his mighty Labasu.

episode 020 telat

“If I cut a holy leaf in half, is each side equally holy?”

Pekra, Lely, and Calais are escorted into the enormous tree known as Telat.


The Nezân assemble to argue a course against Legion.

episode 021 blasphemy

“But through the greed of war, did they murder not only our ancestors, but yea, also themselves.”

Viceroy Goundry demands a direct attack against Legion.


Daring blasphemy, Lady Thao counsels locating the Mound before Legion and claiming the power of the cottonwood tree for the Nezân.


Nânil, fairest of the wise, tells the story of Creation.


episode 022 sefirot

“No heir remains, though I die in the trying, I will depose the Unborn King myself!”

In the ancient past, the Salathiel family returns home to discover the Valley of Hiram overrun by the Forlorn of Eloth.


Pekra tells the gathering inside Telat the story about the seven Sefirot that he wrote for his father, Fa-Sekra.

episode 023 sibylla

“I fear the most for him, but at least he’s already found the way he means to die.”

Fool and the children are invited to Lady Thao’s home for tea.


Viceroy Goundry and his men march to war.


Pekra is brought before the great Nezân Sibylla named Alon, but she has not spoken to anyone in hundreds of years.

episode 024 deluge

“Or maybe we’ll be used like shields, thrown between the spirit powers of Soterios and Legion. We will die on the Holy Mound, but our deaths will be hallowed in Ura’s name. Is that what will happen?”

Pekra leads Lady Thao and her Nezân soldiers into the wild in search of Soterios, the Sefirot believed destined to conquer Legion.


Fool disappears from the company just before it’s threatened by a flash flood and an hemoo stampede.

episode 025 requiem

“Well, I never imagined I would one day marry a Fa of the Urkân.”

Pekra battles a bull hemoo, drinks its blood, and has a mysterious fever-dream.


Kirti and the Oorn chase the Labasu through a Nezân encampment.


Viceroy Goundry pays a surprise visit to Lady Thao.

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episode 001 misfire

“How did every object of my love come to fear me? In life, and in death?”

In the ancient past, Baalath Salathiel returns home to find his kingdom destroyed.


The Pilot Micah and his son Moroth crash on a mysterious island rumored to be Naosaleyn, the cradle of all life.


Pekra, a young Gaewyn boy, daydreams.

episode 002 chains

“You’ll be dead tomorrow, and we’ll forget you."

Now prisoners, Micah and Moroth are interrogated by a mysterious man they believe to be an underling of their enemy the Broken Circle.


Pekra runs home and discovers his father dying from a poison contracted during the second war against Legion.

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